Where were we?

It all started when Nikki wrote her college essay about how the place she felt most comfortable was inside of a sweatshirt. Everyone has that one item of clothing they own that they feel absolutely incredible in. That’s what Nikki is constantly looking for and now creating for you. Taking plain, oversized sweatshirts and cutting them exactly to flatter her body was just where Nikki began. Friends quickly started seeing the different styles and were dying to get their hands on them. We started business by word of mouth, then built, changed, and changed again, our website. Here we post all of our newest products, social media updates, and more brand exclusives.

Where are we now?

Clothing should be the last thing to hold anybody back from success in life, and we are here to ensure that does not happen. We are creating comfortable clothing that the customer can tailor to their individual desires. Every customer can get exactly what they personally wants out of our brand. We are proud to provide our customers with more than clothing, with an experience of positive feelings that lead to limitless potential. We have built a solid foundation of brand products, a social media base, and worked with variety of clientele. Now we are looking to grow from here. Become part of our movement, start authentic.

Where are we going?

NYC! We are currently hand manufactured between New Jersey and Connecticut. Before we move into New York we will continually work on building our brand presence. We want to reach as most people as possible and let our clothing speak for them. One day we will expand our product line and evolve as a whole. Now is the just the beginning, all of the exciting work that will lead to much bigger things. Building a quality brand following is the most important factor in our future that is being developed now.

Let's Get Real

“I ordered my sweatshirt because I loved the way it looked, I had no idea how often I would be wearing it. Im so obsessed, I just need to get another.”