Fashion in the Music Industry & How it Influences Us

20 September
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By Rachel Penna-Scheer
The music industry has always been the hub for inspiration when it comes to fashion. Stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Ariana Grande set a standard for what is fashionable. Whether its #tourlife or clubbing, musicians have a huge influences on what we pick out to wear every day. We idolize them and their style no matter how crazy the trend is. Ariana influenced us to fall in love with chokers, winged eyeliner, and oversized sweatshirts. Even artists such as Kanye West started his own fashion line (Yeezy).
I absolutely love artist’s touring style, especially since I am studying the music business and work behind the scenes on tours. I noticed a huge trend on Justin Bieber’s tour “Purpose”.. Everyone had ripped jeans, purpose tees, and high top sneakers. Soon after, Justin’s Purpose merch was sold in stores such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 which just proves how tour style influences the average person’s style choices. People would comment on how they like my style when in reality I was just wearing tour merch from the shows I’ve worked with some cute shoes.
With both men & women, the music industry not only influences your style but the way people think about you. The hottest industry will continue to inspire young entrepreneurs in fashion design, it will continue to inspire the people who follow celebrities, and will subconsciously challenge your outfit choice when you wake up in the morning. Stay ahead of the trends and focus on up and coming artists, the options to dress are endless.

Xo Rachel Penna-Scheer

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