The Full Side Slit – Female Styling

05 July
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The full side slit is one of our most unique products. What’s so awesome about it is that this cutting style works on all four of our products! (Tee, Crew Neck, Hoodie & Zip up) From the front most people can’t even see the side detailing, which leads to an element of surprise and attraction when people do notice the full side slit. From the back the way it hangs is so regal looking and flattering on every body type. If you have a belt or jean detailing that you want to highlight, this style is perfect to tuck half in/half out (pictured below.) Now, my absolute favorite detail about the full side slit is its seasonal function ability. On a summer night you are still able to feel a light breeze, while wearing sweatshirt material that provides more warmth than a t-shirt. In the winter, wearing a full side slit sweatshirt underneath a jacket gives the illusion that your wearing a full sweatshirt, but you’re not! For those of us who are always hot, like myself, it is literally perfect.


There are so many different ways to design your full side slit that provide so many different outfits. It can be a black zip up, unzipped on the beach, or a black zip up underneath a leather jacket for a night out, the options are endless. When you are looking for flattering clothing that can be easily transformed and still have that wow factor, this is it!


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