What Fashion is To Me

17 September
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By Deirdre Brady

For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep, devoted passion for fashion. Yes, saying “passion for fashion” sounds cliche but by definition, passion (a strong and barely controllable emotion) is the only way way or word I can describe what fashion feels like to me. Fashion is everything to me. It’s my comfort, it’s my mood, it’s my emotion, it’s my vibe, it’s my whole world.

Fashion is something I have relied on my entire life. It’s a hobby, looking through magazine for latest trends, shopping for new finds, trying clothes on for new looks, and even being a brand ambassador for Messed & Distressed. In addition, fashion is my connection to the world and the way I communicate. When I’m feeling light and bubbly, I’ll sport a soft pink or yellow and when I’m feeling bold my red lipstick will make an appearance or when I’m feeling sad, I’ll parade around in darker colors. Lastly, fashion is a skill of mine. I consider myself “good at fashion”. I can dress myself to a T, never asking for help trying to match, pair, or coordinate an outfit. I have never had a problem shopping for a new look or new trend I’m trying to go for. I always know exactly what I’m looking for and how execute  it. I can not only dress to impress, but I can take on dressing others, including my very unenthusiastic, unfashionable mother. I do all her clothes shopping, clear on what styles she likes, what cuts, what fits and sizes she prefers.

I feel as though I have an extremely unique talent for shopping and dressing others that I am adamant on pursing through college and then into a career.

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